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Mayo Clinic Press is one of the leading consumer health reference book publishers nationwide and publishes the award-winning newsletter, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, as well as an extensive line of consumer health books including the New York Times best seller, The Mayo Clinic Diet, 2nd Edition. Each book provides readers with reliable and trusted content by some of the world’s leading health care professionals.  Books are available in print, audio and e-book formats, with titles ranging from lifestyle to disease-focused topics. 



Our published books are distributed by one of the world's "big five" publishers, Simon & Schuster, and are available at all major retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble), independent bookstores and libraries.  In addition, all of our titles are available in eBook and audio format.

Mayo Clinic Press is unique editorially by traditional publishing standards:

Mayo Clinic Press focuses on consumer health reference books made possible by the physicians of Mayo Clinic and our detailed medical illustration capabilities. In other words, Mayo Clinic Press is both an “author” and a “publisher.”

Mayo Clinic Press has unique sales channels by traditional publishing standards:

  • Direct marketing: Very few publishers have direct response selling capabilities similar to Mayo Clinic Marketplace, mayoclinic.org and our direct marketing channels.
  • Retail: Mayo Clinic Stores sell the complete line of Mayo Clinic Press books. This is a highly unusual publishing capability.
  • Corporate sales: Publishers routinely have special sales units that execute sales from buyers who approach them. Mayo Clinic Press has a robust B2B book selling capability focused on corporate and nonprofit customers.

Mayo Clinic Press has a strong public relations and marketing reach by traditional publishing standards:

  • The small amount of titles published each year allows Mayo Clinic Press to provide substantial marketing support to every title we publish.
  • Mayo Clinic Press provides media training for its physician authors.
  • A dedicated publicist from the Public Affairs team enhances all Mayo Clinic Press book publications.
  • Mayo Clinic Press can arrange radio and television tours and support those tours directly from a Mayo Clinic campus.


New Mayo Clinic Press book offers help, hope to fibromyalgia patients
ROCHESTER, Minn. – Fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes pain, fatigue, chronic headaches and a host of other symptoms, is often misunderstood by patients, families and health care providers. A new book from Mayo Clinic Press aims to change that.


Mayo Clinic Press delivers a portfolio of market-leading products to meet the needs of people across the health spectrum – and throughout their lives.

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Educational books authored by Mayo Clinic experts and rooted
in Mayo Clinic knowledge and research that are designed to empower 
individuals to take an active role in their health and well-being.

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Mayo Clinic Health Letter

For more than 30 years, Mayo Clinic has been delivering
reliable health and medical information to mailboxes around the globe. 
This monthly newsletter is published by Mayo Clinic experts.