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About Mayo Clinic Press

Health information you can trust: It’s what we do.

At Mayo Clinic Press, we believe that knowledge should be shared, especially when it comes to health and medicine.

Here at Mayo, the needs of the patient come first.

At the Press, it’s our readers, listeners and viewers who come first. That’s why we are building a world-class publishing program featuring authors and experts from around the world weighing in on a broad scope of health subjects, including thought leadership, mental health, history, biography, the frontiers of medicine and more. That includes books and digital content for kids and young adults.

The goal is to build bridges…

To reach people of all walks of life, at all stages of life—shining a light on the most fascinating stories in medicine and enabling individuals with the knowledge to build healthier, happier lives, for themselves, their families and their communities. Proceeds from the sale of books and subscriptions are used to further important medical research and education at Mayo Clinic. Buy your copies here or at fine bookstores everywhere.


Educational books authored by Mayo Clinic experts and rooted in Mayo Clinic knowledge and research that are designed to empower individuals to take an active role in their health and well-being.

Mayo Clinic Health Letter+

For more than 30 years, Mayo Clinic has been delivering reliable health and medical information to mailboxes around the globe.
This monthly newsletter is published by Mayo Clinic experts.