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Early Breast Cancer Quiz

How much do you know about Early Breast Cancer? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz, based on the articles and videos below.

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1. Which of these is NOT a late effect of hormone therapy for breast cancer treatment?

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2. Which of these is a common late effect after surgery for breast cancer?

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3. If you have late-stage breast cancer, what is your estimated disease free survival rate?

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4. Approximately what percentage of all breast cancers are metastatic breast cancers?

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5. True or False: You can lose your health insurance because you have diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer?

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6. Which statement is true of black women and breast cancer?

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7. What is a sign that your children are stressed out after you tell them about your breast cancer diagnosis?

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8. Which of these is a good way to prepare your children for hospital visits?

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9. Which of these is a good source to find a support group of other cancer patients and survivors

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10. Which of these is NOT a normal emotion to experience after Cancer treatment?

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All Early Breast Cancer

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All Early Breast Cancer

  • Article |

    Commonly asked questions about breast cancer recurrence

    Jennifer Koski
    For those who have had breast cancer, a common fear is that it comes back. If it does, you might feel a range of emotions, including anger and confusion. It’s also natural to have questions. Here’s what Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., a breast health specialist at Mayo Clinic and a professor…
  • Video |

    Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast: Surgical options for breast cancer treatment

    Most people diagnosed with breast cancer undergo surgery to remove their cancer from the breast as well as have lymph nodes removed as part of their treatment. “Surgical resection of the tumor from the breast and also evaluation of the lymph nodes are used for the vast majority of…
  • Article |

    How to manage late effects of breast cancer treatment

    Jennifer Koski
    When cancer treatment is over, many people feel relief. They no longer experience the side effects that come along with treatment. But it’s also a time to keep asking questions. That’s because no matter the treatment plan, there’s a possibility that some new symptoms — called late effects of cancer…
  • Article |

    Navigating work when you’re going through cancer treatment

    Mayo Clinic Press Editors
    Decisions about work during cancer treatment can be tied to big emotions and financial concerns. And everything from your treatment plan to how stressed you are at your job can make a difference as you weigh the options. Not everyone is able to or wants to keep working. And if…
  • Article |

    Facing the mental and emotional challenges of breast cancer as a Black woman

    Taayoo Murray
    “Are you sure?!” That was the question Sharon Gill’s husband kept asking the nurse who called to inform the couple about Sharon’s breast cancer diagnosis. American women have an overall 12% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. And yet, like most women, Gill was surprised and mentally unprepared to hear…
  • Article |

    How to talk to your kids about a cancer diagnosis

    Mayo Clinic Press Editors
    No matter how old children get, learning that their parent or caregiver is ill can be scary. It’s normal for kids to have questions about what the diagnosis means and how it will affect them. Deciding when and what to tell your kids about a cancer diagnosis is hard, whether…
  • Book Excerpt |

    Staying mentally healthy after breast cancer treatment ends

    The first few months after cancer treatment can be challenging. Making the transition from receiving intensive illness-oriented treatments to no treatment or long-term management isn’t always easy or smooth. You might be surprised by some of the uneasy feelings that can follow. You might even feel like the support of…
  • Podcast |

    Getting real about breast cancer

    When Liza Marshall was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had the seemingly perfect partner: Her husband, John Marshall, is a doctor and expert in gastrointestinal cancer. But even with his medical knowledge and connections, her cancer journey was a scary, stressful and sometimes frantic experience. In their co-memoir “Off Our…
  • Video |

    An expert view on living life through breast cancer

    What if living with cancer doesn’t have to be a battle? Find out why a Mayo Clinic oncologist, Dr. Karthik Giridhar, says there’s another way. Relevant reading Beyond Breast Cancer A supportive, practical guide to navigating life after breast cancer diagnosis and initial treatment. …