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  • Article |

    What to expect as a stem cell or bone marrow donor

    Diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma or bone marrow failure syndromes can affect bone marrow. Bone marrow is a spongy tissue inside bones that is rich in stem cells and helps to produce blood and immune cells.
  • Book Excerpt |

    Combatting negative thoughts when you have fibromyalgia

    The following is an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic Press book Mayo Clinic Guide to Fibromyalgia by Andy Abril, M.D. and Barbara K. Bruce, Ph.D., L.P. Your muscles ache. Your joints hurt. Your neck feels stiff. Your thinking often seems muddled.
  • Book Excerpt |

    The best vitamins for your eyes

    Mayo Clinic Press Editors
    The following is an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic Press book Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision, Third Edition by Sophie J. Bakri, M.D. You’ve probably heard that carrots are good for your eyes. But what about the benefits of other foods? Is there a…
  • Article |

    Hope for a satisfying sex life: Overcoming shame, stigma and bothersome symptoms

    Candace Nelson
    For many people, sexuality is complicated. In the past, it was common to grow up in homes or cultures where the word sex was only whispered. Sex education might have been limited to a stern warning not to get pregnant — or to get anyone pregnant. Early sexual experiences might…
  • Article |

    The science of the short snooze and the benefits of a nap

    Craig L. Bowron, M.D.
    The next time your boss or co-worker finds you napping in your cubicle, be sure to refer them to a 2021 article in the journal Nature Communications titled “Genetic Determinants of Daytime Napping and Effects on Cardiometabolic Health.” As you casually massage out the imprint your wrists left on…
  • Article |

    The science of sunburns: Why they happen and how to treat them

    Taylor Viggiano
    Have you ever stopped to consider what happens when your skin burns or tans? And other than coating yourself in aloe and tossing and turning in bed to find a comfortable sleeping position, what can you do to manage a burn? Let’s dig into the science of sunburns — why…
  • Article |

    Not flexible? No problem. Yoga’s aim is empowerment, not touching your toes.

    Maria Caselli
    I can’t count the number of times I’ve greeted a new yoga student whose first words to me are, “I’m not sure I can do yoga. I’m not that flexible.” I get it. Starting anything new can be intimidating. It can be especially challenging when we believe we will be…
  • Article |

    What to do — and avoid — before anesthesia

    Molly Kraus, M.D.,
    Monica Harbell, M.D.
    Hopefully, there are no surgeries or procedures in your future. But if you find out that you need a procedure requiring anesthesia, here’s what you can do to make the experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. We’re both practicing anesthesiologists. Believe us, your anesthesiologist will love you for following…
  • Article |

    Are Kegels really necessary?

    In this recurring guest column, Kate White, M.D., of Boston Medical Center, answers your questions on all things gynecology. As the author of the Mayo Clinic Press book Your Sexual Health, she’s ready to dole out wisdom on sex, periods, menopause and more. Submit a question here. Q: I know…
  • Article |

    The common cold and flu are back: Nostalgia in the worst way

    Craig L. Bowron, M.D.
    A week or so ago I had the worst kind of nostalgic feeling. A lump in my throat that felt like the size of an avocado seed, but with the scratchy texture of a peach pit. Then the sense that someone had painted my sinuses with the neighbor‘s horseradish jalapeno…
  • Video |

    What health fads are you paying attention to?

    Health fads are often like fashion: Certain styles just keep coming back. Find out which trends Mayo Clinic experts welcome every time.
  • Article |

    Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression: What you need to know

    Heather LaBruna
    Finding relief for depression can be a frustrating experience. While taking an antidepressant or going to psychological counseling (psychotherapy) may work for most people, these standard treatments aren’t enough for others. Symptoms may not improve much or at all, or they may improve but keep coming back. These are the…