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Chronic Migraine Quiz


How much do you know about Chronic Migraines? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz, based on the articles and videos below.

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What is true of second-generation migraine treatments as opposed to first generation migraine treatments?

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What do the newer second generation of migraine medicines target?

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Which of these will you NOT likely experience with migraines?

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What percentage of people with migraines have anxiety disorders?

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How do non-drug options work in treating migraines?

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What was a limitation of the first drugs used to treat migraines?

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What are some of the food triggers that can lead to migraines?

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Sleep is important to prevent migraines. Which is NOT important to practice good sleep hygiene?

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Which should be a part of your migraine diary?

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10. Which should you bring to your appointment with your physician when discussing your migraines?

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  • Article |

    Migraine treatment: What to tell your neurologist

    Alisa Bowman
    To get the most from an appointment with a healthcare professional who specializes in migraine, you‘ll want to show up prepared. “Detailed information is necessary to make a diagnosis and create an effective treatment plan,” says Amaal J. Starling, M.D., anassociate professor of the Department of Neurology with Mayo Clinic.
  • Article |

    How to weigh the pros (and cons) of migraine medicines

    Alisa Bowman
    For tension-type headache attacks, the typical nonprescription pain reliever will usually put an end to the mild pain. However, for the millions of people with migraine, nonprescription pain relievers often aren’t enough. Not only do these medicines fail to stop the pain, nausea, light-sensitivity and other migraine symptoms, but they…
  • Article |

    Mayo Clinic Q and A: Botox for migraines

    Cynthia Weiss
    DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I have suffered with migraines on and off for about five years. Recently, the oral therapy I’ve used seems to be less effective. While I know newer medications are available, a friend suggested I try Botox injections. She swears it brought her chronic headaches under control. How safe…
  • Article |

    How to cope when migraines are affecting your mental health

    Candace Nelson
    “It’s just a headache. Can’t you take an aspirin?” “Why can’t you come to work? You don’t look sick.” “If you’d just get more sleep, you’d feel better.” If you have migraines, you’ve likely heard comments like these. Even though migraines are one of the most common health conditions in…
  • Article |

    5 chronic migraine lifestyle do’s and don’ts

    Alisa Bowman
    Figuring out what triggers your migraine attacks can feel as if you’re involved in a never-ending game of Clue. First, you suspect that the culprit is chocolate. However, even after giving it up, your migraine attacks continue. Rest assured; you’re not doing anything wrong. “There are countless potential migraine triggers,…
  • Article |

    Advances in migraine treatment

    Lisa Speckhard Pasque
    Migraine is a common and potentially disabling disorder. Migraine attacks can not only cause severe throbbing head pain or pulsing sensations, but also nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. There are as-needed treatments to stop symptoms of a migraine attack (acute treatment) and long-term treatments to decrease…
  • Video |

    Central Sensitization and Chronic Migraine

    Central Sensitization occurs when the central nervous system amplifies signals that are sent to the brain’s sensory cortex and motor cortex, triggering a wide range of symptoms. This video explains the relationship between central sensitization and chronic migraines. It also discusses treatment options and suggestions to reduce symptoms. Relevant…
  • Video |

    3 small ways to live better with migraine

    Living with chronic migraines is never easy. Learn what daily habits to prioritize so you can keep them to a minimum. Relevant reading Mayo Clinic Guide to Pain Relief, Third Edition Are you tired of living with chronic pain? Do you want to move past it and…