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    Losing a loved one to opioids

    Dr. Mike Jensen lost his son, Andrus, to a substance overdose in 2019. Dr. Jensen joins the podcast to share his favorite memories of Andrus and discuss how education can be a powerful tool to support loved ones dealing with substance use. Read the Transcript: Dr. Benjamin Lai: Hello, and…
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    Is it cheating?: Challenging assumptions about infidelity

    Let’s talk about affairs. Dig into Stacey Swann’s messy family novel and get a professional perspective from sex therapist Dr. Jennifer Vencill. Our guests push back on some of the common ideas about what infidelity is, what it means to stay after infidelity, and what type of person becomes “the…
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    Weathering the storm of chronic racism and oppression

    Facing oppression like racism day in and day out can take a toll. Dr. Arline Geronimus realized this toll could have direct effects on health. She calls this “weathering” and defines it for us as “the way that oppression and marginalization physiologically erodes your body systems, your organs, and eventually…
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    We need everyone’s help to end the opioid crisis

    Ending the opioid crisis may seem like a hopeless or even impossible task. But authors Beth Macy and Dr. Holly Geyer are full of hope for evidence-based practices to treat opioid use disorder. They argue that everyone is touched by opioid addiction, and that we all have a role to…
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    Uprooting racism in health care

    Racism has been firmly embedded in medicine for centuries — so uprooting it is no small task. In this episode, author and journalist Linda Villarosa and Dr. Amaal Starling join Dr. Millstine for a conversation on the ways racism prevents Black and brown people from getting the care they need…
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    Trust yourself: It’s not ‘all in your head’

    Here’s an all-too-familiar tale: A woman is struggling with chronic, confounding health issues only to be told it’s “all in her head.” Sound familiar? Lauren Bosworth has been there, and she doesn’t wish it on anyone. Lauren and Dr. Jodie Horton join us to discuss Love Yourself Well: An Empowering…
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    It’s complicated: Making decisions about your reproductive health

    Making decisions about your reproductive health is anything but simple. Susan Wiggs’ book “Sugar and Salt” brings those complexities to life. Join us as we discuss unintended pregnancies, abortion and adoption (and some lighter stuff too!) with Susan Wiggs and OB-GYN Dr. Kate White. WARNING: This podcast episode contains sensitive…
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    The eyes of a child

    The retina is a thin layer of tissues, cells, and nerves that line the back wall inside the eye.  This layer has millions of light sensing cells that receive and organize visual information according to the Mayo Clinic. On this Ask the Mayo Mom edition of the Q&A podcast, host Dr.
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    RISE for Youth: Equipping the Next Generation

    We are all born with potential, but not all of us are given the opportunity to realize it. This is particularly true of young people of color. The RISE for Youth program seeks to bridge the gap, with a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Mayo Clinic and the NAACP (Rochester), designed to…
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    Peanut allergies

    On this Ask the Mayo Mom edition of the Q&A podcast, host Dr. Angela Mattke is joined by Dr. Martha Hartz.  Dr. Hartz is a Pediatric Allergist-Immunologist at Mayo Clinic Children’s Center and is also an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics. Recently, new treatment options have become available to those living with severe …
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    What is good health?

    What, really, does it mean to be in good health? Is it the absence of disease? Or is it where your mind, body, and spirit are all functioning well? In this episode, Dr. Stephen Kopecky, M.D., Preventative Cardiologist at @MayoClinic, talks through the true meaning of good health and healthiness…
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    Pride and Pronouns: Caring for trans and nonbinary patients

    Uncertainty over which pronouns to use with gender diverse patients can spark anxiety for medical professionals and new acquaintances alike. But that anxiety is no match for the trauma felt by transgender, intersex and other gender diverse patients who deal with being misgendered every day. Host Lee Hawkins is joined…