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    What is good health?

    What, really, does it mean to be in good health? Is it the absence of disease? Or is it where your mind, body, and spirit are all functioning well? In this episode, Dr. Stephen Kopecky, M.D., Preventative Cardiologist at @MayoClinic, talks through the true meaning of good health and healthiness…
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    Pride and Pronouns: Caring for trans and nonbinary patients

    Uncertainty over which pronouns to use with gender diverse patients can spark anxiety for medical professionals and new acquaintances alike. But that anxiety is no match for the trauma felt by transgender, intersex and other gender diverse patients who deal with being misgendered every day. Host Lee Hawkins is joined…
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    Are fad diets healthy? Do they work?

    We’ve all heard of the infamous fad diet, and it’s possible you’ve been on at least one of them. But do they really work, and are they truly healthy for you? In this episode, Dr. Stephen Kopecky, M.D., Preventative Cardiologist at @MayoClinic, breaks down what fad diets are and how…
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    Is AI Biased? How Do We Fix It?

    Artificial Intelligence is full of technological and economic promise, but, just like its creators, AI isn’t free from subconscious discrimination. As AI becomes more commonplace in the medical field, questions of whether racial bias will be mitigated or expanded in the future are omnipresent. The solution will depend on how…
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    One simple way to see if you’re at risk for heart disease

    Is there an easy way to see if you’re at increased risk for heart disease? It may have a lot to do with a little something called lipoprotein (a). In this episode, Dr. Stephen Kopecky, M.D., Preventative Cardiologist at @MayoClinic, gives us the scoop on lipoprotein (a) and how it…
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    Black Men in White Coats

    Only about three percent of the nation’s doctors are Black men, which lives in stark contrast to the overall Black population. In this episode, Lee Hawkins gathers a panel of Black men to examine this disparity and the unquestionable ripple effect of representation—or lack thereof. Listen as three accomplished Black…
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    Vitamins, nutritional supplements and special diets for children

    Commercials and advertisements often target parents, suggesting they should give their kids vitamins and supplements to help them grow strong and stay healthy. But is it true? The short answer is no.  “By and large, when kids are generally healthy, when they’re growing well, when there is no big concern,…
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    Is caffeine heart-healthy?

    We’ve all had caffeine before; some of us have it every day. But what does that morning cup of coffee or tea do to us, really? In this episode, Dr. Stephen Kopecky, M.D., Preventative Cardiologist at @MayoClinic, provides insight on how caffeine affects our bodies, including: *Caffeine is a stimulant…
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    Keeping Track: Data and Disparities

    As a biostatistician, Dr. Felicity Enders spends much of her time analyzing medical research and crunching of the numbers we read about in newspapers and medical journals. In this interview, Dr. Enders reveals how this behind-the-scenes work is actually the frontline in addressing racism in healthcare. Join Lee Hawkins as…
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    Beyond Men: Gender Diversity in Medical Research  

    As the health care industry works to address disparities in clinical trial participation, some Mayo Clinic doctors trying new approaches. In this episode, Drs. Sharonne Hayes and Michele Halyard detail the deliberate exclusion of women from these studies, and the dramatic effects on health outcomes for women, from decades of…
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    9 Things you can do to reduce or prevent cancer risk

    Cancer is a scary and serious diagnosis. As a two-time cancer survivor himself, Dr. Stephen Kopecky, M.D., Preventative Cardiologist at @MayoClinic, shares his story about beating cancer twice, as well as what you can do to prevent – or at least reduce your risk – of developing cancer. This includes:…
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    Navigating a new epilepsy diagnosis

    Epilepsy is a neurologic central nervous system disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal, causing seizures or periods of unusual behavior, sensations and sometimes loss of awareness. Seizure symptoms can vary widely. Some people with epilepsy simply stare blankly for a few seconds during a seizure, while…