Future Care

by Jag Singh, M.D.

Future Care

by Jag Singh, M.D.


Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and the Reinvention of Medicine

Jag Singh, M.D.


A renowned cardiologist and Harvard professor spells out  the future digital shift of medicine — and how it will impact the lives not only of patients and health care professionals but of all humans.



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A brief examination of how new and advanced technologies can change the world of medicine for the better.

Future care is virtual care: sensor-aided, digitally enabled, and powered by predictive analytics. Like most facets of modern life, human organs, too, are being digitally monitored. Sensors are  well on their way to helping us proactively capture the information needed to predict and prevent disease. Paired with the medical world’s growing emphasis on wellness and prevention, the digital revolution will help us effectively monitor and address the chronic diseases that have been the Achilles’ heel of the health care system to date. This large-scale transition is not only going to reshape the patient-physician relationship but also dramatically change how hospitals and the business of medicine operate.

Dr. Singh explores the upswell of virtual care, the evolving role of sensors, and the impact of artificial intelligence in medicine and health care through cutting-edge science, big idea projections, and patient stories. Using anecdotes from his own COVID-19 illness and medical practice, Dr. Singh shows that the success of the digital revolution in medicine is dependent on our ability to understand and adapt to this changing landscape.

Future Care provides fascinating insights into how health care can become sensible, affordable, and practical and why everyone needs to become a part of the solution. It is an important and timely contribution to the ongoing and increasingly urgent conversation about medicine, technology, and health care.

Hardcover • 6.125 x 9.25 Inches • 320 Pages • Mayo Clinic Press • 2023 • ISBN 9781945564253

About the Author

About the author

Jag Singh, M.D.

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