Mayo Clinic Going Gluten-FREE

by Joseph A. Murray, M.D.


Mayo Clinic Going Gluten-FREE

by Joseph A. Murray, M.D.


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Essential guide to managing celiac disease and related conditions

Joseph A. Murray M.D

  • A comprehensive guide to living a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle without deprivation
  • Personal stories from real patients, offering real-world solutions to everyday challenges
  • Research on what causes celiac disease and other related disorders, and the most effective Mayo Clinic-approved treatments



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The facts


million Americans are sensitive to gluten.


This is an authoritative guide to living gluten-free for those with celiac disease, wheat allergy, or other related conditions. Discover what’s behind the rise in gluten- and wheat-related conditions, and how to navigate the world of diagnosis, treatment and lifelong management. Mayo Clinic’s program on celiac disease is recognized as one of the largest in the country. The gluten story is complex. In this book we’ll help you sort out fact from fiction — what we know about gluten, what we don’t, and what doctors and researchers speculate could be going on. You’ll learn: how to recognize symptoms of celiac disease, how the disease is diagnosed and how to enjoy a gluten-free lifestyle. It will also explore the facts about other gluten- and wheat-related disorders with similar signs and symptoms that may or may not be related to eating gluten.

2014 • 288 pages • Mayo Clinic Press

About the Author

About the author

Joseph A. Murray, M.D.

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