My Life Beyond Depression

by Guillaume Federighi AKA Hey Gee

My Life Beyond Depression

by Guillaume Federighi AKA Hey Gee


A Mayo Clinic patient story

By Hey Gee and Gifty • Illustrated by Hey Gee

  • Inspired by Gifty’s experience with childhood depression.
  • Depression may show up differently in kids or teens, compared with adults. It may lead to behavioral outbursts, irritability, negative feelings or thoughts about themselves, and self-harm, such as cutting.
  • Follow along in this beautifully illustrated graphic novel, and learn how Bindu copes with her mood disorder, with help from her support system, and discovers life beyond depression.



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Gifty, who helped create this story about 12 year-old Bindu, has had depression since she was young. For her, it may be caused in part by living in a community with very little diversity and being physically disabled from a stroke early in her life. She is not able to participate in many of the activities that her peers do. She’d like to play sports such as soccer, volleyball and basketball, and to dance and act in plays. Her disability makes this very difficult and she feels left out of almost everything. She is 15 years old and wants to hang out with her friends, but her friends do not live in her small town. Her family is looking for a school that might better fit her needs, and moving to an area with more diversity and better resources is a possibility.

Gifty does have a good support system in her family and older friends who have similar interests, including social activism, poetry and music. She has also been able to reconnect with her birth family in Liberia, and she hopes to return in the next few years.

Gifty’s life has been challenging for sure, but she is and always has been a fighter. She is an inspiration to all who know and love her.

Gifty’s mom

Hardcover • 7.68 x 10.63 Inches • 40 Pages • Mayo Clinic Press • 2023 • ISBN 9781945564680

About the Author

About the author

Guillaume Federighi AKA Hey Gee

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