My Life Beyond Diabetes

by Guillaume Federighi AKA Hey Gee

My Life Beyond Diabetes

by Guillaume Federighi AKA Hey Gee


A Mayo Clinic patient story

By Hey Gee and Wolf Queen • Illustrated by Hey Gee

  • Inspired by Wolf Queen’s experience with childhood diabetes.
  • By planning ahead, kids with diabetes can do anything other kids can do — even go on an adventures!
  • Follow along in this beautifully illustrated graphic novel, and learn how Emily keeps herself feeling good and discovers life beyond this common disease.



Proceeds are invested into furthering medical research and education at Mayo Clinic.

The facts


to 20 out of 100,000 children affected by diabetes.


Emily is excited to go camping in the Northwoods of Minnesota with her family. She makes sure to pack her glucose monitor, insulin and other supplies she’ll need to manage her type 1 diabetes on their trip. Near the campsite she meets Frostbite, a young wolf who can talk. Her dad wasn’t kidding – the Northwoods really is a magical place!

Emily embarks on an adventure with Frostbite to find the wolf’s family down the river. Along the way, she’ll need to make sure she’s checking her blood sugar and eating the right foods. She also takes insulin to keep her levels in range. By keeping herself feeling good, she can focus on the real challenge: leading her new friend through wildlife encounters, weather surprises, and more as they travel through the wilderness.

Overseen by a pediatric diabetes expert from Mayo Clinic, this informative graphic novel provides a kid’s-eye view of living with diabetes. Full-color panel illustrations bring Emily’s story to life, including a full-spread explanation of how diabetes affects the body. Backmatter provides additional information for both children and adults including a glossary of key terms, an explanation from the medical expert, a list of resources, and more.

Softcover • 7.68 x 10.63 inches • 36 pages • Mayo Clinic Press Kids • 2022 • ISBN 9781945564161

About the Author

About the author

Guillaume Federighi AKA Hey Gee

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