Taking Care of You

by Mary I. O’Connor, M.D., Kanwal L. Haq, M.S.


Taking Care of You

by Mary I. O’Connor, M.D., Kanwal L. Haq, M.S.


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The empowered woman’s guide to better health

Mary I. O’Connor, M.D. and Kanwal L. Haq, M.S.

This is a book for women, written by women. Its unique approach includes three main sections:

  • Women and the current health landscape—the ways in which women access and navigate health care in the United States, today.
  • Common clinical conditions-common medical problems impacting women, how they can be prevented, how they are treated and how they differ in women compared with men.
  • Taking care of you—changes we can make, as individuals and as communities, to live our healthiest lives!



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The facts


of all health care decisions in the United States are made by women


The mission in writing this book is to support women in becoming better advocates for their own health, a “what-you-need-to-know” resource on women’s health and a tool that can assist you in asking questions and communicating your health concerns. We know that women do not always receive the same health care as men. Women of lower socioeconomic status and women of color, in particular, experience health care disparities. This is unacceptable, and we want to help change that by empowering all women to be actively engaged with their health care team.

Women’s health is vast in scope. It includes but is not limited to topics such as reproductive, sexual and maternal health. These topics, while important and widely covered, are only a fraction of women’s health. In this book, we did not include subjects such as pregnancy that have many available resources; rather, we focused on conditions that impact women more than men or differently from men, as well as other areas important to women across their lifespans.

Taking Care of You is an easy-to-use and accessible guide to be shared between mother and daughter, sister, aunt, and grandmother — an essential resource for every woman, and those who love her.

Softcover • 8 x 10 inches • 512 pages • Mayo Clinic Press • 2022 • ISBN 9781945564147

About the Author

About the author

Mary I. O’Connor, M.D.

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About the author

Kanwal L. Haq, M.S.

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