Back and Neck Health

Mayo Clinic Guide to Treating and Preventing Back and Neck Pain

Mohammed Bydon, M.D.

  • More than 80% of Americans will experience at least one bout of back pain in their lifetimes.
  • Low back pain and neck pain account for the highest amounts of health care spending by both private and public insurers.
  • Experts at Mayo Clinic discuss the full range of treatment options including medication, physical therapy and interventional pain management. Surgery is recommended only when necessary.


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Back and neck pain are common complaints. When you think of all of the work that your back and neck do each day — constantly moving, bending and twisting as you go about your day-to-day activities — it’s not surprising that problems develop. But just as doing too much can put your back and neck at risk, so can doing too little. Decreased physical activity is a major contributor to poor spinal health.

It’s estimated that more than 80% of American adults will experience at least one bout of back pain during their lifetimes, and as many as one-third of adults are bothered by neck pain. Relief of back and neck pain is among the top reasons people see their primary care providers.

Back and Neck Health looks at common back and neck conditions and what can cause them. This book also discusses different ways to treat back and neck pain, which include self-care steps you can take at home, several interventional approaches and different types of surgery. Finally, a portion of the book is focused on lifestyle and how to maintain good back and neck health.

2021 • 200 pages • Mayo Clinic Press

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