Mayo Clinic on Better Hearing and Balance, Second Edition

Strategies to restore hearing, manage dizziness and much more

Christopher D. Bauch, Ph.D.

  • Learn about living with hearing impairment
  • Information about selecting hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • Identifying the causes of dizziness and vertigo


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This guide will help improve hearing, balance, and quality of life. Two of the most common reasons people visit a doctor are hearing loss and dizziness. The second edition of Mayo Clinic on Better Hearing and Balance provides the expertise right in one’s home. Today there are more options for treating hearing loss than ever before. Medicine and even social attitudes about hearing loss have changed for the better, too. Hearing aids allow for enhanced relationships, independence, and allows one to stay connected and involved and each advance in technology and design seems to have only increased user satisfaction.

Today’s hearing aids are compact, offer outstanding sound quality, and include many options to suit many lifestyles and communication needs. But there’s more the book than just recent information on hearing aids. This practical resource assists in preserving hearing, in functioning well in difficult listening situations, and in minimizing the impact of hearing and balance problems in daily life.

2014 • 252 pages • Mayo Clinic Press

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