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    The Opioid Epidemic: Understanding the Crisis

    How exactly did we manage to end up with the opioid epidemic, and how do we dig ourselves out? Dr. Holly L. Geyer, Addiction Medicine Specialist at Mayo Clinic, sits down with us to discuss the opioid epidemic: how we got here, how we approached solutions in the past, and…
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    Defining Opioids

    You’ve likely heard the term “opioids” before, as well as all the negative connotations that come with it. But what exactly ARE opioids, and is there a safe way to use them? Dr. Holly L. Geyer, Addiction Medicine Specialist at Mayo Clinic, sits down with us to explain how opioids…
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    You’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes. Now what?

    What should you do when you learn you are prediabetic? Join M. Regina Castro, M.D., as she explains what prediabetes is and what it means for your risk of developing diabetes in the future. She goes over questions such as: • Does this mean you’re going to develop diabetes later?…
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    Why working out isn’t enough

    Most of us need to move more to reduce the health risks of sitting even if we already exercise. Hear from a Mayo Clinic wellness coach how — and how much.
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    Diabetes diagnosis: What to expect

    Diabetes can feel like a monumental task to live with, but it doesn’t have to be. Hear from M. Regina Castro, M.D., as she provides an overview of what you can expect when you are diagnosed with diabetes and how you can learn to live well with it. She goes…
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    What health fads are you paying attention to?

    Health fads are often like fashion: Certain styles just keep coming back. Find out which trends Mayo Clinic experts welcome every time.
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    Is there anything I can do to prevent diabetes?

    If your doctor has ever talked to you about your blood sugar or prediabetes, or if diabetes runs in your family, you may be at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Is there any way to prevent it from happening? Join M. Regina Castro, M.D., as she outlines some common…
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    Diabetes signs and symptoms

    Diabetes is becoming an increasingly common disease for many people. If you’ve ever wondered about what that means and what it’s like to have diabetes, M. Regina Castro, M.D., is here to answer your questions. Join her as she provides details on the signs and symptoms of diabetes, as well…
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    How Mayo Clinic is committed to the environment

    Can resource-intensive hospitals deliver quality care for patients while protecting the environment? Mayo Clinic’s director of sustainability explains how.
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    Raising your kids to be healthy cooks

    Watch expert tips for raising your kids to be healthy cooks Relevant reading Cook Smart, Eat Well Shop Now…